DW form problem

Hey all,
What I need to do is set up a form so that all the user has to do is type in their email address and when they submit that in a form, they are added to a mailing list.

http://www.thesmoothpursuit.com/index2.htm is the page that has the form on it so far.

So I set things in up DW and assumed that things are all and well, but when I try to test things out, my default mail program opens up to send the form, which is not what I want.

I am just using the default form buttons within DW, to insert fields and the submit button. "mailto:[email protected]" is the action and the method is POST. Should I be using “GET”? Is there some kind of PHP or other page I need to do first, something for the form to point to?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

you need to use php for this, but it depends on how you’re storing the addresses. Is it just that whenever somebody sends something to [email protected] it automatically adds the subject?

i believe so. the list is set up so that if i were to manually send "[email protected]om" an email from my own mailbox, i would be added to the mailing list, because the list would then have my email address. so what i need is the ability to just send a blank email to "[email protected]" in an automated fashion using a form, instead of just telling the people to send a blank email to that address themselves.

and php is almost foreign to me, so help is needed.

thanks for the quick response, and let me know if any other information is needed.

thanks again,