[DW] Making code neater

sorry if the title sounded a little faggoty :wink:
I was wondering if DW MX has a command for neatening up code. as it is now, it’s all one giant block of code (nearly anyway) . Now I don’t have a problem with this but as my client (who wants to update the site himself and doesn’t have DW) knows a little HTML but is an elderly man, I want to make the code a little easier on the eyes for him.

EDIT: found the source formatting command

Indeed it does! It also converts your trampish code to XHTML, separates old-style font tags and stuff into CSS and I THINK it indents stuff as well.

If you can’t be bothered getting it though, a text editing program like Textpad (www.helix.com) will automatically indent code and stuff which is pretty cool.

Hope this helps, clean up your act, your code and put on some coding cologne

commands>format HTML