Dynamic Content: Cold Fusion results placed into a scrollable text field

I currently have a scrollable dynamic text field that is being populated from an externally located static text file.

This is the ActionScript that is currently in place; it is taken from the tutorial “Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text” ( http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/dynamic_scroller.asp )

loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
scroller.text = this.VariableName;

I need to utilize this scrollable dynamic text field functionality with information passed from Cold Fusion as opposed to a static text file.

I work closely with the Cold Fusion developers so they are confident that they can pass me just about anything I need. The problem is “we” don’t know what exactly that is.

Here is the scenario:

I am building a completely flash help module for one of their web projects. Throughout this module certain “glossary terms” are presented in various locations. When the user clicks one of the “glossary terms” (which have been made into buttons) I target a MC instance to come onto the stage and provide the definition.

You can see what I have built up onto this point here:

As it stands now the text for the definition is pulled in from a static text file. It needs to be dynamically generated from Cold Fusion and passed into my flash movie. The definitions for these glossary terms are located in a database as they are used in numerous projects/locations throughout our entire website.

What I need is:

I need a way to set a variable in flash that tells the movie what the source of the content is going to be. I need to pass that variable out of my movie to Cold Fusion then, based on the performed query, have the results sent back into my flash movie and be scrollable depending on the length of the content.
I don’t need to concern myself with anything transpiring on the Cold Fusion side, I just need to know how to send the query from my flash movie and put the results back in.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated! You could very well be saving my job :slight_smile:

Have a great day,