Dynamic content troubles

Okay, so after three days of lookin garound the internet for scoreboard tutorials, I couldn’t get a SINGLE one of them working. Apparently. they’re all chronically useless (though I may just be an idiot).

After a while, I get to wondering why I don’t just code my own from scratch - problem being I don’t know any other languages ('cept for batch XD).

If anyone could slap together a small bunch of source files (preferably with a commented .fla using the variables _root.score and _root.player designed for top 10 scores), I’d appreciate it alot.

I know that’s a big ask, and you’ll probably simply link me to tutorials; but I’ve read other forum posts and tutorial links have been no luck…

Oh, and for those of you who are interested - here’s a beta version of the game!

Note: In order for the link to work, you’ll need to remove the * from it. Sorry about that; swearing filter :frowning:
Thanks in advance,