Dynamic CSS styling

Basically I’m trying to format some dynamically loaded text with CSS from a database via asp, I know that the asp works fine as it loads in, its just applying a style to the loaded text that doesn’t work.

This is a modified version from the Kirupa tutorial, but I cannot get it to work after many, many hours. Help!!!

var MediaAccess = new TextField.StyleSheet();
MediaAccess.load ("media.css");
MediaAccess.onLoad = function (loaded)
    var info:TextField = _root.createTextField ("info", 4, 100, 50, 200, 30);
    info.border = true;
    info.html = true;
    if (loaded)
    info.styleSheet = MediaAccess;
    newsData = new LoadVars();
 newsData.onLoad = function (success){
  if (success == true){
  info.htmlText = unescape(this.Name);
 } else {
    info.text = "uh this is not working";