Dynamic curb line

Hey everyone,\rSupra gave me the code a while ago to create a line between to points. Very good. But is there a way (and I’m sure there is since I’ve seen the effect) to create a CURB line ? Because I really don’t see how.\rThanks in advance.\r\rpom 0]

no…\r\r\r:lol: \r\rwth is a CURB line!!!

Well… Er… You know, a curb line. A line that goes not straight but… Yeah, like a circle for instance.\r:D \r\rpom 0]

ohhhh, a curved line. I understand. Sorry Pom. :slight_smile: \rI’m sure there is, but i wouldn’t know…sinfiniti might…

Yeah, he and Supra seem to have an answer to everything, don’t they ? Really great to have them here.\rpom 0]

you mean like this??\rjeremydecker.s5.com/curved_line.swf\r[url=“http://jeremydecker.s5.com/curved_line.fla”]jeremydecker.s5.com/curved_line.fla\r\r:) \rjeremy\r\rp.s. i also figured out a way to plot points along a curve, enabling a line to be drawn along those points. it was pretty much the same thing as the file above, just more math.

that was me drooling to death\r\rHum… What can I say ? That’s exactly what I was looking for. I can’t say that I’m disappointed, but the technique is exactly the same as a straight line. Silly me. Brilliant Sinfiniti. snif\r\rAnd I don’t understand what you mean in your PS. Can you explain it a little bit better ? Or even show us poor flashers…\r\rThanks again.\r\rpom 0] \r\rBy the way, I was thinking about making a tutorial on how to draw lines with Flash. Do you mind if I use your flas ?? You’ll get the credit of course…

someone throw pom a life-jacket…he’s drowning in his own drool.

LOL ! I am !!\rpom 0]

ok, you know that you can draw a circle using sine and cosine, right?\rwell, using the start point and end point you can draw a quarter of a circle. you use the distance between the two objects (just like in the example i posted) in order to place a quarter of a circle and set the horizontal and vertical radius (when they are different it draws an oval).\ri can write up a sample if you like!\rpom, wipe your chin.\r:) \rjeremy

OK, I get it. One question though. How do you actually DRAW the circle. Do you attach small dots or something like that ? \rpom 0] , whose chin is all wiped

ok, here’s how you draw a circle.\rjeremydecker.s5.com/draw_circle.swf\r[url=“http://jeremydecker.s5.com/draw_circle.fla”]jeremydecker.s5.com/draw_circle.fla\rin order to draw the arc from point to point just make sure that the number of sides is divisible by 4, then set the center of the circle to the upper right intersection of the _x and _y axis’. then, start placing points at 180 and ending at 270.\r:) \rjeremy\r\rp.s. sorry it took so long to post, i was out this afternoon.

how long have you been using flash? cuz i have to admit you are starting to make me a little sick. not in a bad way by any means…I’m certainly glad to have you here. :slight_smile:

i used flash 4 for about 6 months, then i got flash 5 about 2 weeks before it was released. i’ve been confusing myself ever since then.\r:) \rjeremy

confusing yourself?! yeah…ok…you’re confusing me, thats about it. I am so lost, i don’t even know where to start. cheers

start at the beginning. :P\ri find the flash files that i can’t figure out and break them. then i’m confused. then i figure it out, or i ask someone to explain it to me.\r:) \rjeremy

Just out of curiosity : you attach the empty mc “mcpoint” just to know the 2 coordinates between which you draw your line, is that it ??\rpom 0] \r\rVery nice fla by the way, as always.

yeah, it’s not necessary to place the points as movie clips, you could create an array of the points, then place the lines. it’s old code that i haven’t updated…maybe i’ll do that now that i’m unemployed!\r:) \rjeremy