Dynamic Footer Position and Long Content Help?

Hey all,

I’m developing a website currently and I am having a bit of a problem with my footer position in regards to the content position.

I basically want my footer to stick to the bottom of the view port if the content is shorter than it. Otherwise if my content is longer than the viewport I would like the footer to sit at the bottom of that.

I have tried footer stick alt and cannot seem to get that working (might give that another go when I have the patience with it again.)

So what I am wondering is if it is possible to detect the height “dynamically” of the content area (div) and place my footer accordingly.

At the moment I am doing a kind of work around which does not work 100% on large 22" plus monitors (works great on my laptop). Basically what I am doing is I have a variable $contentLength = ‘1’; and I am saying

if ($contentLength == "1") {
echo '<div style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</div>';
} else {
echo '';

This I am placing just before my footer starts and this seems to work across the board…it’s just on large monitors when there is short content my footer still needs scrolling to see it because of this clear.

BUT what’s short content on a large 22" screen is long content on my macbook pro 15".

Any ideas on how to do this all dynamically or any help with “footer stick alt”???

Any help would be much appreciated!!
Thanks in advance