Dynamic Images

I have an image gallery posted online where the images can be linked to from wherever. Instead of having to embed the images and have a large .swf file size, I wish to have the menus and everything using the dynamic images.

So far, I have loaded the images with the actions in a separate layer using the following action script:

this.onLoad = function()
image01.loadMovie( URL );
image02.loadMovie( URL );


The thumbnails are all about 15k. so I don’t care that they all load up at once, but I may find another way to do it with an animated scrolling menu that loads the thumbnails as they are seen… is that possible?

Well, on with the rest…

I can create a transparent button over the dynamic images (using the images themselves as buttons did nothing) to load up full-size images.

The action script on the buttons is as follows:

on( press )
image01_main.loadMovie( URL );

You can click on the image once and it’s fine, but when you click on it again, it unloads the image. Then, if you want to click a different button to load a different image, you have to click twice… once to unload the previous image, and then again to load the image that is desired.

I don’t want the image to unload when it is clicked again. And when you click another button for another image, I just want it to load immediately in the place of the other image.