Dynamic information

I am trying to learn how to get flash to pull data from a data base, an example of this is shown here www.guinessworldrecords.com does anyone know how they are doing this?

It really depends upon what type of db you’re using. If you have access to a mysql db, and your server allows php, then I can help out a lot. If you’re running through PERL, I don’t personaly have a lot of experience… but I’ll bet we can find someone around here who does.

bOx has a couple years experience in this area as well.

The toughest part about pulling the data into Flash is organizing it on the receiving end.

we’re using sql 2000 … don’t have access to php but am using asp. I’m able to connect to the db with asp and can arrange it fine. Where I mainly run into problems is on the recieving end. I’ve noticed that the site i mentioned earlier is writing to an xml file in the the temp. int. files folder. But i’m not completely sure how to make the flash refresh when the when the db is queried without making the page refresh to get the data in.