Dynamic Input Pb

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m having a weird pb: I have a input text field dynamicly created. I load a text file that fills up my input-text-field. If you select and delete a few lines, and trace it, it traces the text minus the lines that were removed, allgood.
What i’m trying to do now, is overwrite my text file (using php). I have a save button with that piece of code:

on (press) {
if (_root.mytf.htmlText != β€œβ€) {
myData.News = β€œ&news=”+_root.mytf.htmlText;
myData.sendAndLoad(β€œsave.php”, myData, β€œPOST”);

The save.php beeing a small script that catches the variables back and shoot em into a txt file.

But when i press my button, the text field resets itself back to the text before the modifications. So it overwrite the same **** thing. Why??