Dynamic loading stuff help

I couldn’t find a tutorial on this on the site, so i’m asking herre. At my site on my media section i’m gonna put links to load different movies, and i’m gonna have alot and add more often, so it needs a scrollbar. I read the tutorial on dynamicly loading text, but i need to dynamicly load links now. and i also wanted to put images by the links to show if it has sound or not and what media player it uses. Please don’t tell me this is impossible and it can only be done in HTML. i’m begging someone to help me with this. Thank you.

And you can view what my media section looks like from my site:


(please give me feedback on what i have so far for my site, and tell me if my preloaders work right also.)

Actually you can load HTML too in a text. All you have to do is enable it first: myTextHTML.html=true;
And then fill it: myTextHTML.htmltext="< a href=‘http://www.kirupa.com’ >ahahaha< /a >";

Well, something like that.

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But what about images? or little icons?

And of course suppress the spaces after < and before >…

I don’t think that the < img src=blabla > is supported. But you can load dynamically jpegs… :smirk:

ok, for some reason i’m having alitte trouble.

Do i attach

myTextHTML.html = true;

to the actionscript with the script for loading the text to the scroller, and put

myTextHTML.htmltext = “< a href=‘http://www.kirupa.com’>Kirupa.com< /a >”;

in the text file?

That was just an example. If you want to use a text file, do like this:

Put a dynamic textbox, with the variable name scroller.
Then put this code in the first frame of your animation:

loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
	scroller.htmlText = this.kirupatext;

You text file should contain something like

kirupatext=HELLO WORLD!!!< br >< a href=“http://www.kirupa.com” >This is a link< /a >HELLO WORLD
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so now i can put any kind of html in my text other than images.

ok, another thing on this.
on one of my links in my text file, i need it to link to a frame on my macromedia thing. Or i need it to dynamicly load a movie clip to a certain spot in my macromedia project.

and is there other stuff i could addto my dynamic text so i could also view stuff like < hr >'s and stuff?

If you speak French… http://www.flashxpress.net/wiki/index.php?FormatageHtmlDeTxt

I know HTML!!!
Never mind…

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