Dynamic menu and getURL help needed (MX2004)

First off I don’t have much experience with Flash but I am a fast learner. I hope this is an easy question for one of the Flash gurus here. I am using a template that I found on the web for a webpage with a dynamic menu (dynamic in the sense that the buttons move when the cursor goes over them). I’ve got it working pretty well but there is one problem I can’t figure out. I need one of the buttons to directly jump to an external webpage when mouseclicked on. I have got the getURL working but the dynamic action of the button doesn’t work when I added that code (it just becomes a static button). Could you please take a look at my code and let me know how I can fix this? I’m attaching the .fla (it’s zipped). Take a look at the Button3IN labeled “Champions”. This currently takes you to Google but the button won’t slide like the others now. Apparently my attempt to use getURL with the on (release) of that button is breaking the sliding effect of the button.

The other buttons are working fine - they load various swf’s into that page, so the menu is consistent. I just have need of a button to kick out of that menu and go directly to another webpage. I hope that’s clear - any help or ideas is appreciated.