Dynamic pages and AS3

Hello all. I have been using flash from version 5 but since my recent activity involves doing something else my flash skills have gotten a little rusty. With the new AS3 that recently came up I’m totally in the dark. Here is my problem:

I’m trying to build a menu for a website (the source is in as3 so i can’t change it to as2). The pages will be like http://localhost/index.php?s=section1&lang=en. The problem is how do I communicate between the page and flash (the flash must know that the section “section1” is active so the button should be highlighted and also that the current language is English, and also the php must change accordingly to the GET variable s).

I started learning about the URLRequest, URLVariables and URLLoader classes but have no idea how to make them go together. Any help/samples/tutorials will be well appreciated. Thank you very much.