Dynamic position of a Movie Clip

[size=5]Hi everyone! I hope someone can give me a hand on this:

I am developing a dynamic map which loads a map and takes variables from an asp in order to position in the scene. The map works fine, takes the variables according to the city selected and positions the map focusing the corresponding city.

The problem comes when I switch the webpage, I access to the website for another city and the variables change but the flash does not position again pointing the new city. For the flash to do so, I have to delete the temporary files and refresh the webpage.

Note: The map size is of 250k

This is my question: is it possible to avoid deleting the temporary files and changing the position of the map when I switch to another city?

This is the script to load the variables from the asp.

[color=sienna]myData = new LoadVars, “0”, “POST”();
myData.onLoad = function(succes) {
if (succes) {
_root.traedor._x = this.variableX;
_root.traedor._y = this.variableY;

} else {
trace(“Error loading data”);
Thank you!