Dynamic positioning of one image over another using xml

Right the plan is to have a large, say 3000px x 3000px image that is a map.

I want to be able to position a tiny graphic, ie arrowhead, on/in the flash file via coordinates from an xml file (or other format).

effectively i am building an exhibition site, and will have a list of exhibitors on page “exhibitor-list.aspx”, each of the exhibitors will have a specific location on the map. However due to the large file size for the map, i only want to have this once. and instead reposition a 75px x 75px arrowhead. on this page, “exhibitor-list.aspx” will be a link to the “exhibitor-plan.aspx” page, where i want specific code fed to the flash file so that the arrowhead appears in position for that exhibitor.

if a user goes to the plan page, direct, it should just show the plan, however if they come from the exhibitor list page then the coordinates need to be fed to it.

presumably via “http://www.testsite.co.uk?company=test1