Dynamic Registration counter


I work for a coumpany that sends me a paycheck according to the number of affilates registered each month. I have no idea if their count is true and correct. So I am at the mercy of the company.

I have been trying to think of a way to make a dynamic counter to relay to my email or other specified designation. As the person registers to the company via internet I want to have the count for that day send me an update of the count every hour.

I know how to make all the forms but how do I go about setting up the action script to do what I need it to do.


Does the user sign up at the companies site, or at your site?

If it is at the companies site, I don’t think it is possible to count on your side.

If it is on your site, you can use some kind of PHP variable in your form that sends an e-mail to you. Not sure how to do this exactly, I am still learning PHP, but I figured I would give you a nudge in the right direction for what you are looking for.

It will be on the company site. I want it to dynamically show up on my site when they register from the internet to the company site. On my site I can go up to a certain password prtected page and view the count in real time. I would prefer this instead of aving it sent to my email.


I don’t think it is possible to count stats of them registering on a site that isn’t your own.

I have permission to set this up on their site if I can make it register just the count of people joining and not all the personal information.


if you have access to the company server, then you could set it up so that every time a user registers it updates a PHP counter page, then based on how you want to do it you could view this data dynamicly in Flash or have it emailed to you every so often.

One question, if you have full acess to the server why do you need to write a special app for this? dont you also have access to all the raw logs for the server?

ooohhh I didnt see that last post