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Hello Everybody !!!

Does anybody know any good speech synthesis plug-in for flash.
I found some stuff but it sounds like Steven Hawking (not ideal for what I want to do).



I think there was something around a while ago called FreeSpeech, although I may well have this wrong.

When I went to a Macromedia seminar as Flash MX was launched, the guy demonstrated a program designed for surfers with visual impairments that worked with Flash. It was able to read Flash text and speak it out loud.

I’m not 100% sure on the name though, or on what kind of limitations it has.

I had a look at freespeech but could not find any obvious relationship with flash mx.


I have just found something called “Nellymoser”. It is apparently a voice codec for flash.

what to do now??
Don’t know yet…


Check this site out-

Then you can go here to learn more

This is as wild as it gets

Thx Craig

I thought Nellymoser would be helpful but nop.

I am trying to go to the address you sent me but it takes ages… I’ll look at it as soon as my browser can access it

I found an application that does the text to speech though.
have a look at:
http://www.flashplus.co.kr/ in the demo section

Not ideal because of the speech quality… but it’s a start



You are right the link I gave you is taking much longer than normal to load. But it’s worth the wait. The site is probably getting allot of attention.