Dynamic text box for streaming flv question

I have made my own streaming flv player (real streaming not progressive) which has a dynamic text box that shows when the flv is loading and then when it is playing, it counts the seconds playing.

I am looking to know what code I need to make it say when the flv is paused, and also if I can make it say when it is buffering?

here is the script I am using for it.

this.createTextField(“time_txt”, this.getNextHighestDepth(), 10, 10, 100, 22);
time_txt.text = “LOADING”;

var time_interval:Number = setInterval(checkTime, 500, MyStream);
function checkTime(MyStream:NetStream) {
var ns_seconds:Number = MyStream.time;
var minutes:Number = Math.floor(ns_seconds/60);
var seconds = Math.floor(ns_seconds%60);
if (seconds<10) {
seconds = “0”+seconds;
time_txt.text = “STREAMING “+minutes+”:”+seconds;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.