Dynamic text box formats

I was wondering: how to make a dynamic text box a little more customizable.

what i mean: how do i start new paragraphs… i’ve set it to multiline, but it just goes onto next line at end of current one which is fine

if i press enter, and go to new line in the actionscript, it creates an error, as the on function isn’t finished…

also, how to set the box to justify ALL test inside it… even though i’ve selected the justify tab on the properties of the box, it doesn’t do it properly …

any ideas / help greatly appreciated. thx all

I’m not sure about the justificate question. I’d have to think about that.

The other one is easy, and is done in one of two ways (and sometimes both in the same text field)

you can either use “/n” called “escape n”, which should create a new line, or you can use html tags, and set the dynamic text field to html with the check box in text options panel. I prefer this method as it also allows me to alter the font, and add href links to my text.

cunning :open_mouth:

didn’t realise could use html code in the text box… that makes it a lot easier. thanks a lot =)

mmk… i having some problems again :confused:

I tried the /n thing, and i get error. it says it expects a ; in the code. so i put “my stuff here”; /n “more stuff on new line” and it didn’t work…

tried same as above with out the ; in the middle and again not work. (the end of the line does have a ;, so the code is complete in that sense).

i then hunted for the tick box to make it html … but i couldn’t find it :confused:

any help please?! :open_mouth:

i think the /n has to be within the quotes… i didnt try it but thats how it is in c++


"This is my sentence.

and in c++ its backslash “” instead of forward slash “/”

yeah… i just tried it… just give the text box a variable name, and then assign it text… so like…

_root.variable = “Blah blah blah
blah blah blah”;

wherever you stick the
it will go to the next line…

thx a lot =)

next bit - how do i make hyperlinks in it? :open_mouth: do i have to set it to the html thing? or is there a tag… or better yet: a list of tags that will work inside it…

thx again.

There are many threads about this. I suggest you use the search.

pom :elderly: