Dynamic text box help

i was creating a game, then on my main timeline in frame1 there is a single movie clip. now, when you double click the movie clip you will be entering the movieclips own timeline and you will see a form asking whats ur name. when ur done typing ur name, there is a login button that will lead you to may main time line in frame 2, the frame 2’s label is “name diplay”. so obviously the AS that must be used in this buttons is on(release){ _root.gotoAndPlay(“name display”);

on the main time line in frame 2 there is a dynamic text box that will display what u have typed inside the movie clip in the main timeline in frame 1. but, the moment i press login, the dynamic txtbox will display “UNDEFINED”.

question: how can i target the data being typed inside frame 1’s movieclip to be displayed in the main timeline in frame 2’s dynamic txtbox.