Dynamic Text boxes disappearing

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? I have 3 dynamic text boxes in a movie. They all run off the same variable. One of the text boxes displays fine when published and printed. The other 2 disappear when printed or published. If I switch the disappearing text boxes to static, they appear just fine, however static text boxes will not work for these purposes. I have searched through all my code and I cannot find anything that would lead this to happen, especially considering that one of them works perfectly.

A little background on the project. It is an advertising web application. The end user is able to customize their own newspaper ads from a bunch of premade templates. They enter their info into the text fields, drag and drop a graphic or two and hit print. They have 2 options when printing, print 1 to a page or 2. The print 1 up dynamic text field displays fine. Behind the background (so it cannot be seen) exists the 2 up movie clip. Inside it are two exact duplicates of the print 1 up movieclip, just rotated and scaled so they will fit on one 8.5x11 piece of paper. Both of these have a dynamic text box (the copyright text) that disappears when printed or published to SWF. Rather than having to switch the copyright date on every newspaper ad section, I set it within the left navigation using the simple hardcode:

_root.copyright = "2008 ..."

This way it only needs to be set in one place per year very simply. I do not understand how the exact same symbol can display fine one way and not at all in another instance of that same symbol. Is this a flash bug or is there something I may have missed?