Dynamic text boxes

Okay, I know this has been asked before, but the other posts just didn’t help me at all. So here is my question.
I have a dynamic text box in a movie clip. I want it to draw text from an html file (mo_gr_m1.html). The text box is masked if that matter. Now, where do I place what actions and what instances/objects do I have to name. I just need it explained thoroughly. Thank You.

I’ve never pulled from an external html file. You could do it from an external .txt file. We’ll call it mo_gr_m1.txt
Inside your txt file must look similar to this:

example=<HTML><BODY>your text goes here</BODY></HTML>

on the first frame of your .fla timeline put this:

_root.loadVariablesNum(“mo_gr_m1.txt”, 0);

make your dynamic text box, give it a variable name, not instance name of your_text_box.

If you want to click a button to display your text for example:
on (release) {
your_text_box = _root.example

Also make sure in your text field properties you have the ‘render as html’ button clicked.

Hope this helped