Dynamic text content does not show up

Hi, I’m attaching several movieclips onto the stage inside a for-loop and populating a dynamic textfield within the moviclip inside the same loop.

Tracing the texfield.text shows the proper value in the Output console. However, the text value is not visible on the stage.

I’ve drew a shape next to the dynamic textfield just to make sure the movieclip is being properly attached. I can see the shape but there is no text next to it.

Anyone got idea why it is so? THanks!

var xPos=200;
for(var i=0; i<image_list.length; i++){
            xPos += 70;    
            _parent.attachMovie("imagenumber_mc", "imagenumber"+i, i+21, {_x:xPos, _y:420});
            _parent["imagenumber"+i].imagenumber_txt.text = i;