Dynamic text dousnt work after function

Ive stubled into a little problem that I dont understand.

In a mc is a dynamic textfield, trough as this textfield gets his content.
The textfield works fine and also the html text displays/works as supposed.
No problem at all.

But now I put a rollOver/Out on this mc with the textfield, the text shows up allright, but the html doesnt work anymore (I mean the hyperlinks, the rest is okay)

textmc.textarea.html = true;
textmc.textarea.htmlText = "<a href='http://www.vintagesworld.be'>link here</a>"

textmc.onRollOver = function() {
    trace("hover on textfield");

textmc.onRollOut = function() {
    trace("going off textfield");

So the problem is the rollOn/Out, if I comment out those functions everything is okay…anyone knows how to fix this ?

thank you all.