Dynamic text exceeding the boundaries of its textfield

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to get the headlab newsticker component working. It’s pretty simple, and there is a tutorial on this site, here:


I am getting just one weird behavior from it, and I wonder if anyone can help me out.

Essentially, the component auto-scrolls external text, either vertically or horizontally, pausing for a configurable amount of time as each “news” item crosses the screen. Pretty standard, and pretty useful, I think.

My problem is that the text I am loading doesn’t adhere to the bounderies of my dynamic text box. It scrolls vertically across the entire screen, even though my text box dimesions are much smaller. There are two parameters “xwidthofanimation” and “ywidthofanimation” which seem to relate to this issue, but messing with them doesn’t seem to make a difference.

You’d really have to look at the component to know what I’m saying, but it is worth a look.

Crossing my fingers and getting back to headscratching.