Dynamic text field character reset problem

Hello everyone,

Trough a button action I want to change the contents of a dynamic text field (i have five buttons in total). I made this textfield style bold, and added a (inner) shadow filter to it. Everytime a certain button gets clicked the content and colour of the textfield change. I want to retain the style and filter. However, while the colour change goes correct, the style and filter go back to regular…Through a coincidence i discovered that if I append the textfield in stead of replacing it entirely the transitions goes correctly. So if i click the button which has the append in stead of change first, all other replace actions go correctly as well…which seems very strange to me. I posted an example of the code below…

function what_click (event:MouseEvent):void
	page_txt.text = "WHAT";
	TweenLite.to(page_txt, 1.2, {tint: 0x003366});

function why_click (event:MouseEvent):void
	TweenLite.to(page_txt, 1.2, {tint: 0x990000});

In summary if i click the button with the append text action to it first, everything goes well…however when i click the buttons containing the replace text action first the style of the dynamic text field goes back to regular.

Can somebody explain me why, and maybe post a sollution?

thanks in advance…