Dynamic text fields are blank after loading data

This is really bugging me…

In my AS I load XML data into an array for titles which will be used later in dynamic text fields. I trace this, all of the titles load fine into the array. I use a for loop to attach a movie which has a dynamic text field inside of it. The movie attaches just fine, in a verticle menu just like I want it. The dynamic text field has the right instance name inside of it. I set the text field instance name to the array, but it didn’t show anything in the text field. I knew it was there since it was Selectable and the selection cursor pops up whenever I hover over where it should be. So I create a string variable like so to try and go around whatever is messing it up:

    var item_mc = t_thumbs_mc.attachMovie("theatreThumb","t"+k, t_thumbs_mc.getNextHighestDepth());
    item_mc._y = 110 * k;
    item_mc._x = 0;
    var play_name:String = t_titles[k];
    item_mc.play_txt.text = play_name;

that’s a bit taken out of context (it’s based on the Squirrels XML tutorial) but it works fine when I trace the t_titles[k] and play_name and everything. when the trace in that code runs, it gives me a list of all the names that are SUPPOSED to be there, but they don’t show up when I actually look at the movie. The dynamic field is named properly, not animated in any way, not anti-aliased, using Arial as its font, the color doesn’t match the background, all of that stuff I’ve checked. Would it be easier for me to just dynamically generate the text field itself too instead of having one in the attached movie? I didn’t think I would have to since having the dynamic field in the attached movie clip works in the Squirrels XML tutorial.

I’d upload the full FLA but it has a dozen other things in it which are working fine.