Dynamic text fonts problem

(flash mx 2004 professional educational edition)

I am dynamically creating textfields and am wanting to apply a certain font depending on various types of data that I load in from xml. I am currently using a chinese font PMingLiU. It is a good type font, but I am trying to load “AR PL KaitiM Big5”, which is a great handwritten font. This is for a flash card program I am working on to help with Chinese, and I think it would be a little more useful for people if it used the handwritten font instead of the type font.

Problem: The text field doesn’t seam to apply the “AR PL KaitiM Big5” font, but it does the “PMingLiU” font just fine. PMingLiU: .ttc ; AR PL KaitiM Big5: ttf

I think it is because of the space, but I tried renaming the font with fontNamer, (I changed it to ARPLKaitiMBig5), but that didn’t seam to make a difference. Any ideas?

Here is the code, and if you need the font I can send it, (I think). I don’t quite know where I got the pmingliu font.

(the characters show up in flash but wont work here. They are just wo shi, and zhong. Any character will do for the test though)

//AR PL KaitiM Big5
var tempTF:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
tempTF.size = 36;
//tempTF.font = “AR PL KaitiM Big5”;
//tempTF.font = “ARPLKaitiMBig5”;
//tempTF.font = “PMingLiU”;
_root.chin_txt.text += “’†”;