Dynamic text/image viewer challenge

Hello all!

I am bulding a site for a Dj/Artist Management Agency.
Part of the site will be a section with their complete artist roster, divided into sections.

Here is a link, if you click on “Agency” you will see what im getting at:

Now the issue is that they have somewhere in the region of 350 artists and are ever expanding…

Here is a link to a functionaing example of what im trying to achieve within this page:


It works but obviously due to my level of Flash skill/knowledge, I would have to duplicate the the .fla’s, input the name, scroll text, images and amount of buttons 350 + times.

I am vaguely familiar with XML and am builing the scroll menu on the page in XML (its not on there yet). I think this may be a good option. So, what im asking is does anyone know the best way to go about building something like this…

Any guidance, towards resources, tutorials, source files or just advice on the best approach would be hugely appreciated.

As ever thank you for reading the post!