Dynamic Text in buttons

Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve a button with the instancename “steunen_btn”.
In this button there’s a dynamic textfield called “weergave”.

Now when people select another language I want the buttons to change.
So I thought I make a button with the following AS in it:

on (press) {
_root.steunen_btn.weergave.text = "SOSTENGA";

This should change the text in the button to SOSTENGA right?

What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t it working?


I’m in exactly the same situation, trying to sort out a multi language setup. I need to be able to change the text on navigation buttons and in a MC holding the content. Can anyone recommend a technique, before I get too far into the design.


If you need to dynamically change the textfields content, use moviclips instead of buttons.

yeah… if you want the text to change… make a fake button, but make it a movieclip… then place a variable on your text in the mc… then make an invisible button on top.

go here.

If you want to target a dynamic content in movie clips you must first target the movie clip. this is done thusly (pretend there a mc called “myMovieClip_mc” and a dynamic text box in the mc called “myText_txt”

_root.myMovie_mc.myText_txt.text = "all done!";

here’s what i did… maybe it will help

Is that for mx 2004?

I’ve been following the sample given by ubermensch_ver2 above, and everything works great to change the text. However, as soon as you put some AS behind the button to do something, the ‘button’ transition stops working. It’s the same with the example. Put some code in as ‘onrelease’ and the code executes, but the over/out transition stops. Does anyone know what is going on? I’m on MX2004.