Dynamic text issue cursor

Hi all. Just a quick question for you. I understand dynamic text is ideal for pixel perfect fonts. Thats cool. However is there a method of removing the text cursor icon when hovering over the text?. For example in a html document you could edit the body tag and select cursor default using css. Then when you hover over the text in the browser the icon remains the same.

I hope this makes sense. It just looks better this way, well I think so anyway. If you have the answer please let me know. I did try converting the text into a graphic, but still no joy. I can only assume that, something like cursor = default.

well if anyone could help I would be very thankful.


i think your saying you dont want the text to be selectable, sry if i am wrong. to do this there is an option in your properties panel, that say’s “make text selectable” . just uncheck it

hope thats whats you were looking for

I feel like a d***, i found it after i posted this message :slight_smile: - but thanks for the reply. maybe you could help - I forgot the as for preventing the user resizing the flash file. I think it was something simple like resize = false, can you please let me know what it is that would be great :slight_smile:


resize flash file? what do you mean? do you mean the browser window?

Sorry I should be more specific. When you view flash files on the web. the user has the option to zoom in. My request is for preventing this action, so the user may not be able to zoom in. I have done this before with a simple action script, but do not remember the small line of code. I am sure it was resize = false; except this is not working as it should.

I hope this makes my question a little more clearer than previously.



hmm sry i don’t know the answer to that one

I think thats what you want:[AS]Stage.showMenu = false;[/AS]

That did the trick. Thank you Claudio :beam: