Dynamic text issue

Hi all,

I’m using FCKeditor in a cms to allow the user to enter news for their site. It works great, text loads with formatting. The only problem is that FCKeditor uses point font values and when flash imports then, they are read as pixel font values. For example, if the user highlights text in the FCKeditor and makes the size x-small, the point value= 2. When flash it importing the text, the text is very tiny. Now I realize the x-small is supposed to be small, but say you use the x-large (point value= 7), the text is STILL tiny, almost as if its reading it as 7 in pixel font. Has anyone else had a problem with this or know a work around?


can you manually run a conditional to check which size the font is coming in at - then if font=2 set to 10, if font=7 set to 13 or whatever?