Dynamic text looks ugly! help making it look normal

my dynamic text looks ugly! it’s not like the usual anti-aliased flash-style text in a static text block. but i need to use a dynamic textblock to provide data from actionscript. is there any way to make the text look less ugly… perhaps even normal?

if you know how… please please please let me know.

master duck

Try using different fonts and see which one looks best not-anti-aliased…

I could never do it but there’s a thread about this in Best of Kirupa;

pom 0]

I’d also like to know the answer to this one.

I checked the post in “Best Of”, but it was on how to keep STATIC text FROM antialising, not how to get DYNAMIC text TO antialias…

Doesn’t anyone know the answer?

I know that if you zoom in just the right amount it starts getting antialiased for some reason…