Dynamic text now displaying on an swf called by another swf

So i have a file I am editing and it looks fine by itself.

There is a layer that contains 4 movie clips that are masked. the mask displays the text in a sweeping motion.

before I editied the fla, there was just one movie clip and static text. well now the text is going to have to scroll so I made the text box dynamic and turned it into a movie clip. I also turned the scroll buttons (up/down) into movie clips as well. I had to do this so they would show up on the stage being masked and all.

so i publish the thing and it looks great. but when i view it how it would look in the browser (base.swf calls service.swf and places it in the placeholder spot) the 3 movie clips I created (text and 2 buttons) dont show up…

i hope that made sense as its really hard to explain. but your help would be great guys.


Triple G