Dynamic Text Problem

Hi again, another question:
I have a dynamic text, and i have some rollover buttons, and when i roll over those buttons, the content of the text changes, but i have a problem, i want the text to be in this format:

-Anuencia para la realización de eventos de peleas de gallos y/o carreras parejeras.
-Anuencia para la realización de rifas y sorteos.
-Carta de naturalización.
-Declaratoria de nacionalidad mexicana.
-Denuncia en contra de notario público
-Obtención de Licencia para la venta de bebidas alcohólicas.
-Documento de identidad y viaje
-Tramite para la obtención de la autorización de empresas de seguridad privada

but i cant put it that way into the action script window, i need to put it in a single line, so, that’s my question, how can the text be in that format?, btw, i use this code:

window.text = " here’s the text ";

Hi there,

You need to render text as html.

Click the text box where you want the text to change with rollovers and launch the property inspector. Click the button there to render text as html - it is represented by a less than sign and a greater than sign next to each other.

Now you need to go into the ActionScript you’ve assigned to your buttons and place the html break tags right next to the beginning of the parts of the text that you want to start on new lines. As you said you do need to keep all this on one line in the Actions editor but with the html tag br tags and the text box html rendered, the text will be the way you want it.

One more thing. In the property inspector - text box highlighted - change single line to multiline and make sure that the text box is large enough to contain all your text (that’s if you’ve not already done this).

The html tag for break is br enclosed by the less than and greater than sign by the question mark on your keyboard. (ignore this end bit if you already know; just making sure you know what I mean so I can help ya)

hope this helps

you can specify a line break without using html with "

text = “first line
second line”;


Thats so much simpler. If only I knew that before. Could you post some more of these short cuts: "

there’s a few more in the manual at:
Understanding the ActionScript Language > About data types > String

thanks, going to have a look now :slight_smile: