Dynamic Text Question

I have several dynamic text controls that I want to access similarly to how you can access an array of controls:

// For example I know you can do something like this

control_array = new Array(txt1, txt2, txt3); //txt1...etc are instance names
  control_array*._visible = true; // here, accessing them through the array

Now, since I have dynamic text controls I want to set the variable name (not the instance name) to a value in a for loop like this in order to change the text. Something like:

control_vars_array = new Array(var1, var2, var3); //now var1...etc are the text variable names
   control_vars_array*.= sometext*;// this of course wont work

Hopefully this makes sense. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? Can I have an array of string variable names then somehow make them reference the variables? Thanks for any help.