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  1. I speak french and barely english.
  2. I hate people who talk with numbers.
  3. I just spoke a long time with someone like that so I apologise for being completly and extremply furious.

I’m trying to complete my stage. I didn’t learn much about flash. I was so happy to have an example from school with flash MX that shows how to make appear my text from txt files. But I tried for hours, then I copied and pasted the whole the example I had in a new file and saved it in flash 7 to discover that macromedia changed the procedure and now it no longer work. The tutorials are rare or all in english or … well, I just don’t understand them… so please don’t send me to the FAQ or I think I’ll scream and my employer won’t apreciate it.

What I need to know, is: what did they changed, what is the difference. What shall I do. I need a concrete explanation from a human being who’ll take the time to read my question and who will anser me like I was a friend he cares about… or at least not with numbers and a link to a FAQ where a code that doesn’t work for my version awaits me.

I’m sorry to say, but I would take a deep pleasure to torture someone to death right now (especially that fool who speak with numbers)… So I beg of you, please don’t tell me anything. Take the time to help me, or don’t do it at all.

I’m not in a mood to be polite, I apologise for the sarcasm.