Dynamic text

What am I doing wrong? or not doing? Building my first site and all the swf files run correctly. But when i run them from the index page with a movie ‘menu’ also on stage everything is fine EXCEPT that all dynamic text boxes have no content. Please help keep me sane…

where did u test ur movie from index page? on hosting’s server? u sure u’ve also uploaded all the text files for those dynamic textbook contents?

Are you targeting them right? If your not on the _root timeline then you have to refer to your dynamic text box instance name with the _root.


_root.myTextField.text = “Hello!”;

again this depends on whether or not your targeting them from an alternate timeline and if your dynamic text fields are on the _root timeline. If not make sure you use .text if your in Flash MX other wise declare a variable and assign that variable to the dynamic text field.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your input but i still cant get it. I went right back to basics and created a movie only containing a dynamic text field with variable called test. Using LoadVariablesNum to input the text i.e. &test=Hi there… Ran the movie and the text loaded fine.
create another movie with an empty movie clip and try to run the first movie…does’nt work Loadmovie(“test.swf”,_root.clipname). Does work however if i declare the value of variable test in actionscript and dont input it, but as i wish the text to be loaded to de dependant on which radio button the user clicks this is not a solution.
I will be grateful for any futher ides you may have.

please post your fla and I’ll take a look.

I cant post the files are they are too large. However the enclosed fla’s demonstrate the problem.
testext runs correctly, but when i load it from testextmovie…nothing. All other content on my fla’s loads correctly just these dynamic text boxes.

Thanks again for your help

NB in testext I have used 0 instead of _root.test with the same results. I have tried every combination i can think of.