Dynamic Tiling Backgrounds

I would like to have a layer that tiles an image, similar to windows desktop tiling, I found a tutorial on kirupa but it the tiling shrinks the bitmap down and tiles in at a really tiny size. I will be setting the width of the Flash Project to 100% of the screen.

can someone help me figure this out?

do you have any code?

Put this in a keyframe with your tile. Put the tile in the upper left hand corner. Name it ball in this instance.

onEnterFrame = function(load) {
var maxNum = 10;
var num = 0;
for (a=1; a<=maxNum; a++) {
for (b=1; b<=maxNum; b++) {
_root.movie.ball.duplicateMovieClip(“ball”+num, num);
_root.movie[“ball”+num]._x = a95;
_root.movie[“ball”+num]._y = b
setProperty(ball, _visible, 0);