Dynamic XML menu problem

I am using the dynamic XMl menu created by hga77 http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43216 the problem i am having is that i have lots of buttons so i need the menu to be able to scroll up and down, say like in a scrollpane component. but when i have the menu as a movie clip and tell the scrollpane to use this movie it doesn’t display anything, does anyone know why this is, or no a solution???

Here is another example of a xml menu which has its own scrollbar. http://abrahamyan.com/v3/main.htm click on works and you will see it. I really would like to know how to do this for the project im working on.

If anyone could help me i would really appreciate it.

I’ve downloaded the flathe link you give. What do you put in the actions bit of the XML file to lod a new clip into flash?

do you put the name of your swf or “onRelease(…”

I think the thread from the link (that lbeetles refered to) pretty much explains this. All you need to do is read it :wink: