Dynamic XML text

I have a text field that i have set to load several lines of text from an XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="uft-8"?>

        <text1>text for image one <br> line 1 <br> line 2 <br> line 3</text1>

it loads into flash fine but when i try make it a global variable it only takes the “text for image one” because it thinks the
's are tags. flash the turns the above code into:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="uft-8"?><imageText><text><text1>text for image one <br> line 1 <br> line 2 <br> line 3</br></br></br></text1></text></imageText>

i need this tag to be in there to show that its a new line. is there another way to do this?

Stupid Saint

search kirupa for “xml CDATA” tags - CDATA tags allow the parser to, in short, “ignore” tags within a node:

<text1><![CDATA[text for image one <br> line 1 <br> line 2 <br> line 3]]></text1>

you’ll, of course have to make sure your textField.html = true and set text via textField.htmlText = itemfromxml;

hope this helps

glad to help :beer: