Dynamically affecting menu buttons w/ inertia

Hello…i’ve begun a simple menu button system that scales the X value up on roll-over. On Rollout…it goes back to its original size.

However, I want to shrink the all buttons not being ‘rolled over’ to give it a jelly effect.

basically, when you’re rolling over a button…all the rest should shrink with inertia

heres the code…that i have so far. i’m not that advanced in scripting, so this is as close as i could get.

 // When the mouse rolls over this menu option... scale up just a bit.
     myButtons*.onRollOver = function() {
     this.xScaleTo(150,0.5,"easeoutbounce" );
 // When the mouse exits the menu option.. scale back down.
 myButtons*.onRollOut = myButtons*.onReleaseOutside = function() {
     this.xScaleTo(100,0.5,"easeoutbounce" );

Here is the link:

and here is what i want it to look like:
(navigate to any section and note the menu buttons at the top)

any and all help is appreciated

Thanks in Advance