Dynamically changing text font and size

Hi,\ris there a way by which i could change the font and colour of a dynamic text,during run time.\rthanks\rJayant Cahudhuri

Font would be really really tough… I’ll see if any of my books say anything about it though. Interesting question.

Hi,\ri solved the problem by enabling the html option in the text box and writing something as\rmytextbox="<FONT COLOR=’#FF0000’ SIZE=‘6’>jayant</FONT>"\rthanks\rjayant

ahh… yes that would work well… the other thing that you can put in there is basic html links and such… though keep in mind that it does not change the font to a link font the way HTML would… rather you have to set the color and font differences in each instance of a link in the text.

<FONT COLOR=’#FF0000’ SIZE=‘6’>hi</FONT>"

or you could just make the text white and put it in a movie clip and include the font outline…\rthen you could attach a color object to it and have the advantage of all the color transforms.\r:) \rjeremy

I don’t understand what you mean. How wan you attach the font outline (well, what does it mean would be the real question…) ?\r\rpom 0]

how would you change the text to say a chinese font ???\r\ranyone ???