Dynamically Loaded Text

Hello once again kirupians, thus far you have been very helpful in my experience of learning flash and I hope that this time will proove sucessful as well.

** My dynamically loaded text will not scroll when loaded into my main movie **

For several reasons I’ve resorted to first getting the text to load into ‘textwelcome.swf’ and then ‘textwelcome.swf’ loads when the welcome button is released.
I am basing my external movie on kirupa’s dynamic text loader and the buttons on my main movie are actually movieclips as i want them to be more attractive on rollover (mentioned in case it matters at all). The a/s on the buttons are as follows

on (release) {
	this.createEmptyMovieClip("textbox", 4);
	textbox._x = 110;
	textbox._y = -50;

Which loads the external movie with the dynamically loaded text which by the way does work apart from the main movie.

Seeing as i had no need to specify a level in the external movie’s a/s i can’t understand why it would be something to do with levels and that leaves me completely and utterly useless as to what to fix or change…

(Please do not get discouraged by all this text, any help or direction would be helpful and I am sorry if I have overlooked an obvious solution but i am not fluent with flash yet and it doesn’t ‘come to me’ just yet as to the possibilites.)

Thank you. :hangover:

Could you post the AS on the buttons used to scroll the dynamic text?