Dynamically loading external jpgs into a dynamically created MC

So… I need help dynamically load some external images in to a dynamically created MC.

Essentially, I’ve got a MC container that’s created dynamically based off an XML file (basically for every <title></title> I’ve got, it makes a new “card”). Now within the context of each <title></title> grouping I’ve got <imgs></imgs> in which I specify the path to images that are related.

All of that works perfectly, save for the external jpg files actually appearing on the stage. The MC I add them to does, but the external image doesn’t.

My problem is- I can’t add the external images until they’re completely loaded (or so it appears). The thumbnail BG I use is blank. So I know for a fact that the thumbnail BG isn’t occluding the loaded thumbnails. And I need to add them as children within the context of the function that has the loader, otherwise I’ll lose context for which image should go to which “card”… any suggestions?