Dynamically loading images + text for gallery

Alright guys, heres what needs to happen…

I want to make a flash gallery for my site to show my graphic design work. Here is a real quick photoshop mockup to help me explain:

on the right side, I want to have a gallery that users can scroll through, and when they click on an image, it loads on the left side with dyamically loaded text, along with a nice transistion. I know I can probably get that far, but here is what I need help with:

My graphic design has kicked into high gear lately, and I get new stuff done all the time. I don’t want to have to go into Flash to make changes every time I make a new graphic I want to put in there. So how can I make the thumbnails AND the left-side images load dynamically? Is that even possible? I just want to be able to put the images in some folders or something on my site that flash sources from.

I don’t know php/cgi/xml, but if thats what it takes, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Thanks in advance.