Dynamically loading sounds and movies

I haven’t seriously done flash for a while now because I’ve focused more on other things and I’m now a bit out of the flow when it comes to Flash 8. Now, previously I had made an image viewer by making a PHP file parse the contents of a folder to XML and then a swf file interpreted the XML and dynamically loaded any images etc. Here’s the thing in action http://blippo.addr.com/img
Pretty cool. Now what I’d like to do is also expand that so it’s able to dynamically load sounds and movies too. So if you click on a picture there it loads it and if you click on a sounds, it plays it. Now, can anyone point me to some functions, tutorials or existing code of the best way to dynamically load sounds and movies? Basically anything you can find helps. Thanks a lot.

Look into Sound.loadSound and MovieClip.loadMovie in the help file C:-)

Sound.loadSound, will do. I know how to load swf files lol :D, I meant loading mpegs and wmv movies.