Dynamically loading text

Hey guys, I know we get a lot of questions about this, but when I searched I couldn’t find my answer. Is it possible to store two separate variables in the same text file? I am using two textboxes that both load different variables from the same file. However, when the first textbox is loaded, it also loads the 2nd variable. If possible, how can I discontinue the variable?


try this


separate var by “&”


Where do I put this, in the notepad file?


you cant use two seperate text files?

I can, but the client wants a bucnh of dynamic text, I was just going to try and make it easier to organize everything by having all of one page’s text in one file. I’m just wondering if there is a way. If there isn’t, that’s what I’ll do.


If you put an “&” in a text file, Flash stops reading the text after that point, I think it means you start a new variable, not sure.

So at the end of your first variables text, put an & symbol and start your new variable.

OK thanks Lost, and also ranish, because I believe that’s what you were saying also. This is gonna make my job a lot easier.

-brad- :elderly:

That is exactly what Ranish said, I was just clarifying what he said since you weren’t quite sure.