Dynamically Reference a MovieClip?

I have a variable setup for a specific movieClip and i want to be able to reference that movieclip with an i++ …I am specifically talking about the “new_mc” variables…they don’t seem to be picking up in the function…when i trace them they are correct, but just aren’t working…there must be something wrong with my variable declarations, I can’t figure it out…below is some of my code…any help is appreciated…

i = 0;
maxpics = 50;
maxer = maxpics - 1;
pic_slider = “easeOutCirc”;
mask_slider = “easeOutCirc”;
speed = 1;

var new_mc = “_level0.mc.m1.p”+ (i+2);
var new_mc2 = “_level0.mc.m1.p” + (i+1);

_global.forwarder = function() {
if (i == i && i == maxer){
else if (i == i) {
mc.slideTo((mc._x-((new_mc._width/2)+(new_mc2._width/2))),mc._y, speed ,pic_slider);
mc2.slideTo((mc._x-((new_mc._width/2)+(new_mc2._width/2))),mc._y, speed ,pic_slider);
masker.tween("_width",new_mc._width, speed ,mask_slider);