Dynamically remove 'onPress' function


I have run into an interesting problem.

I have a movieClip in which by default it does not have an ‘onPress’ function applied to it. However, I have a button on the stage that the user can press to ‘unlock’ that mc, and when they unlock it, it sets a ‘locked’ variable to false, calls a function which checks the ‘locked’ status, and if it is false, it that sets the onPress for that movieclip (which makes it draggable)

If that button is clicked again, ‘locked’ is set to true, and that same function is called again, and then the status is recognized as locked…but I need it to somehow remove/delete the ‘onPress’ function. I know the first thought would be to just set ‘enabled’ for the mc to false…which I tried at first… but the problem is that some of the mc’s are transparent in the middle, and there can be other items below them…and those items below need to be ‘clickable’. Even though the top mc is not enabled, it still recognizes that it has had an ‘onPress’ function applied to it, and thus won’t let anything below it be clicked. (When the movie first launches, the function setting the onPress has not yet been set, and so the items below it are therefore clickable).

Any ideas as to how I can get around this?

I know that might have been a bit confusing, so let me know if you have any questions to further clarify.

Quick recap: need to make a movieclip that was clickable (through an onPress function) onClickable, but also treat it like it has never had an onPress applied, so that any items below it can be clicked.